T6 Newsletter Issue 1, 04/29/2014

Citizens of Egypt,

Pluribus Games and eGenesis are happy to announce that Pluribus Games will be assuming all managment responsibilities and on-going development of "A Tale in the Desert" We will work to make this as pain free as possible for the players.

We are greatful to eGenesis for providing this Tale which we will continue. It is our belief that we will be able to greatly improve the game for your our customers.

While we are transitioning, there will be a welcome back (several weeks) to kickstart the final phases of this telling. I will do another newsletter once I have details on the upcoming Tale 7.

I would request that everyone should sign up again with for the newsletter as we will be purging the old lists shortly. Please see the links below for the newsletter signup form.

Evening on the Nile,
Pluribus (Regent of Egypt)


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