Linux x86 Client:

Size: 203M ( 212,816,531 bytes )
Last Updated: December 12, 2008 09:03:12 PM

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Linux x86_64 Client:
BETA - Audio is known broken BEWARE

Size: 705,927,110 ( 705,927,110 bytes )
Last Updated: March 21, 2016 04:28:18 AM

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Required Operating System:
Any Linux distribution built on the release.
Must include GLIBC 2.17 or greater
For Reference, my build system is CentOS 7.0

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 4 1 GHz
512MB 3D Accelerated Graphics Card

Recommended System Specifications:
Intel i5 2 GHz
GeForce 260+ / Radeon 9600+

General Support Notice:
If the Operating System is no longer officially supported by the Operating System vendor, we cannot offer support of the game running on that Operating System version. While we generally will not deliberately break support for an unsupported Operating System, it is sometimes required in order to properly support a supported Operating System version. Only very limited engineering resources will be spent assisting people running on unsupport Operating Systems.

Since Linux is not a unified single Operating System, our goal is to support as many linuxs as possible, but we are unable to test them all. If the Operating System version hit general availability in the last 5 years, is freely available, and there are issues, we can investigate. However, the only versions officially to work are the RHEL deriviatives (Version 6 and above) and Ubuntu 14.04 and greater.

Linux Client Support Forum at (opens to a new window)

Misc. Software:
eCal3D - (tar.gz tar.bz2)

eGenesis and Pluribus Games owe a great deal to the free software community. We have used a number of free applications in the development of A Tale in the Desert, and a number of free libraries as well. We have modified Bruno Heidelberger's "Cal3D" for our own needs, here is the source code.

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