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- Billing Support: For questions about your account or your monthly bill.
- Technical Support: For questions about installation and use of the game software.
- Game Support: For questions about about playing the game.
- Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy.

Press Resources

- News & Press Releases: News Archive.
- Reviews: What others think about us.
- Interviews: Interviews Andrew Tepper and other developers/players gave.
- Press Package: Logos, screenshots, artworks...

Contact Information

E-mail General Questions to:

E-mail Public Relations & Community Management Questions to:

Please allow anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, depending on whether it is daytime in the United States. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please resubmit your request - sometimes, e-Mail requests get lost among the flood of spam we receive.


Call 1-331-256-9401. This is the correct contact for almost all inquiries, including:

- Billing Questions
- Account reactivation and creation
- Technical Support (though best handled by email)
- Most other inquiries

You may call any time, day or night, but we are most likely to answer if you call when it is daytime in the United States.

Postal Mail

Pluribus Games, LLC
Attn: Ronald McCormick
725 Morton Avenue
Aurora, IL, 60506

Emergency Telephone Support

The emergency phone numbers should only be used for two kinds of emergencies: server crashes, and item duplication/exploit bugs. If it's a server crash, you must verify, by speaking to several other players, that the server is really down and that it has been down for 10 full minutes. If it is an item duplication bug, you must verify, twice, that there really is a way to create large amounts of a particular material for free. Please understand, we are human beings who need time off, yet we are giving you our cell phone numbers. Please respect our privacy, and we will continue to give you the best support we can! Since you've read this far, here is the number: 630-770-2043 (Ron).

Corporate Information

Pluribus Games is an LLC incorporated in the state of Illinois. Pluribus Games was founded in 2013 with the mission of creating a new and interesting online game. We are primarily self-funded.

Ronald McCormick, President
Ronald McCormick is very exerienced systems engineer with over 25 years of systems experience and 13 years of game industry experience.





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